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Massage for improving circulation

Updated: Nov 7, 2018

Our circulatory system consists of two parts-

*Cardiovascular (blood circulation)

*lymphatic system (eradication of toxins)

In a nutshell the two systems work together to detoxify the body. When your circulatory system isn’t working properly blood flow is impaired and your heart has to work extra hard to pump blood.

Common symptoms for poor circulation-



*Throbbing pain in your limbs 


*Muscle cramps

*Cold hands and feet


*Varicose veins

Massage can decrease blood pressure allowing blood to travel faster through the body, in turn the lymphatic system is quicker to respond and carries any waste,excess fluid and toxins out the body through your lymph nodes. Meaning the blood flow is improved and all the oxygen and nutrients in the blood are carried to muscles, tissue and vital organs which help repair any damage.

Improving circulation will help with improving-

*The immune system 




*Promoting healthier skin

*Improving brain function

*Promoting cell growth

*Relaxing heart muscles

massage for circulation

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