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Natural alignment

Updated: Jan 23, 2019

Most individuals are dealing with postural stress or poor posture, mainly from:

-Our Jobs

-How we sit

-How we stand

-Repetitive. prolonged movements.

Poor posture is when our spine is positioned in an unnatural way, creating misalignment within our bodies. This puts increased stress on joints, muscles, tendons and ligaments. So days, months, years of sitting, slouching, studying, driving, desk jobs, bending, lifting etc has a huge impact on us and sends our bodies into misalignment. That unnatural positioning puts pressure on the surrounding soft tissue.

Massage will help relax and loosen the muscles which are made tense and sore by bad posture, this then allows your body to reposition itself back to its natural alignment.

Take care of your body, massage is not a luxury it should be part of a good health regime.

Swedish massage starts at just £15 for a 30 minute back massage.

massage for posture
massage for posture

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Oct 07, 2018

Due to my physical job my posture is definitely affected, I never realised how important it was until reading your post to prioritise my well-being. Looking forward to more updates.


Julie Brown
Julie Brown
Oct 05, 2018

Thank you all so much for your comments. I’m really plesed this helps and if gets you all thinking about your posture during the day, I’m extremely happy


Oct 04, 2018

Julie really knows her stuff , I have had treatment with her and you feel so good afterwards. And I sit all day for my job , so it has helped me a great deal .👌👌👌


Oct 04, 2018

Wow I didn’t realise my posture could really impact my wellbeing so much. Thank you for the professional advice Julie! Nic x


Oct 04, 2018

A very thorough informative web site that clearly indicates the professional standard being delivered to the customer. Numerous treatments available to suit the individual with the health and well being of the person totally considered. I totally need a reconditioning of my body and mind as a result of my stressful work conditions. T

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