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Reflexology, the facts and benefits.

Although it’s difficult to put an exact date of origin on reflexology or who invented it, it is thought to date back as long ago as 2330BC, in Egypt, China and amongst North American Indians. 

In Europe in the Middle Ages, ‘zone therapy’ was practiced, which would later form the basis for modern day reflexology. In the nineteenth century some of the science behind zone therapy and reflexology were unraveled. 

The development of reflexology is attributed to Dr William Fitzgerald, who discovered that applying pressure to points on the hands and feet left an anaesthetic effect on certain parts of the body. He was then able to build up a map on the feet that represented different parts of the body. He teamed up with Dr Edwin Bowers who helped to develop the theory.

In the twentieth century Dr Joseph Shelby Riley and his wife Elizabeth soon produced the reflex zone map of the feet, showing specific reflex points and their corresponding body parts. Eunice Ingham continued the work and developed new techniques and refined the reflex map on the feet. 

This is such a fascinating and interesting treatment, detailing areas that are out of balance, which in my experience have not yet been wrong. Each part of the foot represents different muscles,tissues, organs and glands. When applying pressure to these parts, any imbalances in the body are found and any blockages can be cleared, bringing the body back into balance. Self healing is then activated. 

Reflexology is great for:

-Improving sleep


-Increasing circulation 





-Nerve function


Reflexology is £25 for an hour session. 

Make reflexology part of your health regime

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Julie Brown
Julie Brown
Jun 18, 2019

Thank you for this lovely feedback. I’m so pleased you enjoy your treatments


Jun 18, 2019

I have been going to see Julie for reflexology now for over a year,I go on a monthly basis and the treatment I receive is amazing,she is welcoming and very easy to talk to,we always go over my results and on every occasion got my problems spot on.its certainly value for money,I also get my nails done at the same visit,a real pamper morning for me.

Great service 5 stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 😊😊

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