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Stress relief

Updated: Nov 16, 2018

A small dose of stress is normal and healthy, It helps people to achieve their goals, meet deadlines at work or school and generally strive for what they want. There is Short lived stress such as running late, being held up in a queue, stuck in traffic etc. Chronic stress is things like family issues, financial difficulties, health issues, etc. The way our bodies and mind react to these small or major events is what causes the stress not the actual event itself. 

In all stressful situations what’s known as our ‘fight or flight’ mode kicks in, this is our bodies natural response to stress. In our 'fight or flight' mode, hormones such as cortisol,epinephrine (adrenaline) and noradrenaline are released into our bloodstream, causing....

-Raised heart rate 

-Raised blood pressure

-Pupils to dilate (allowing an intake of as much light as possible)

-Veins in skin to constrict ( allowing more blood flow to major muscle groups) 

-Blood-glucose level increases 

-Muscles tense

-None essential systems like digestive and immune systems shut down to allow more energy for emergency functions.

All of these physical responses are to help you survive a dangerous situation.

However.... long term activation of this stress response system and the overuse of cortisol and adrenaline can disrupt almost ALL your body’s processes, putting you at increased risk of numerous potential health problems, including....



-Digestive problems


-Heart disease 


-Sleep problems

-Weight gain

-Memory and concentration issues.

Stress really impacts our lives on many levels, but the effects on our health are detrimental for all our body systems. 

Massage is great for relaxation, hot stone massage forces the muscles to relax, essential oils specifically for stress can be used (aromatherapy massage) and Swedish massage relieves built up muscle tension. 

Massage isn’t a luxury it should be part of everyone’s health regime.

Tranquil-Essence massage stress relief

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